Donna Galachiuk

Director of Accreditation and Compliance

(919) 620-3853

​​​​​​Donna Galachiuk began her career in Duke Hospital's neurosurgery step down unit and quickly transitioned to the neurosurgery intensive care unit at Duke. Neurosurgery ICU was her love for about six years. During that time, she also worked weekend and night shifts in hemodialysis, the intensive care float pool and with complex, critically ill pediatric patients.

In 1995, she transitioned to home health as a field clinician making home visits to care for patients and teach them how to care for themselves and avoid re-hospitalization. After a few years, she moved to a team lead position and then to a management position. She was director of a startup hospice for a short time before transitioning back to home health management so she could spend more time caring for her young children. She worked for 15 years in upper management for a large hospital system's home health/hospice as performance improvement manager, administrator, and operations manager before moving into her current position at Duke HomeCare & Hospice.

Being able to help people safely stay in their homes longer is invaluable because it gives aging individuals greater independence. Home health’s goal is to teach people in our communities to better care for themselves, increase independence, and decrease hospitalizations.

 Donna Galachiuk